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    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Fear and trembling

    My mind is racing...If there is no God, if there is only that common yearning up and outwards, that common structuring to ourselves that makes us human, that demands we create some image of Perfection to strive towards...then yes, the Bible would resemble the Book of Nature, that must be read hermeneutically. There is an inner functioning, that most of us recognize, and to which we attribute all sorts of names - genius, art, beauty, reason, truth, etc. It is when we achieve something close to our conception of Perfection, which is Divinity. It is a moment when we touch some spiritual chord that reverberates for all of us as a species. But these things are painful to talk about. "Of course, there is no God, but we must believe in him anyway." We form symbols and frame stories in an attempt to express the inexpressible. The true things are the things that go unsaid, the meanings in the interstices of meaning. Those moments when we achieve a common meaning, those intuitive leaps like telepathy when your hearts beat faster at the same instant - it doesn't matter that you would use different words to describe it, that you would refer it to different experiences - that shared moment exists, is shared, because there is something greater than our separate differences - there is something beautiful within us that we share, beautiful like mathematics or the spinning of a planet, or the spiral of a nautilus. It is the moment when we align with the ordering principle of our own consciousnesses.

    (Being human is really such an exciting adventure. Tomorrow I'll be bored and stale again, and it won't seem nearly this exciting.)